Annie is adventurous and loves to try new things. She really wants to learn to knit just like her mommy. But when her mommy tries to teach her the stitches, Annie feels frustrated and impatient. After all, her first knitting project looks nothing like she thought it would, and it is taking so long! Annie wants a bright pink scarf to wear to school. Can she be patient and keep trying?

Annie's mommy loves to knit and has been knitting special things for Annie ever since she was a baby. She is so excited that Annie wants to knit and can’t wait to help her daughter learn how to make the stitches. She knows that Annie will be able to finish her project and become a great knitter… if she would only slow down and be patient!

Annie's cat has been her lifelong friend. He loves to play with yarn by day, and cuddle up beside it to sleep at night. His favorite activity is sitting on Mommy’s lap while she knits in the evenings. Annie's cat is always ready to help her out when she needs him, but he has conflicted feelings over Annie’s mouse friend.

Annie's friend, the mouse, lives in the walls of her living room and is very curious. He likes to know what Annie is up to and always stays close by while still keeping a careful eye on his "frenemy," Annie's cat. He loves to rummage through Annie's house at night looking for snacks and cannot help but think that Annie's new scarf looks both strangely familiar and absolutely delicious.